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IBC filling units available from Matcon IBC

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IBC filling units, available from Matcon IBC , are part of the unique Matcontainer range of filling equipment specifically designed to facilitate dust-tight filling of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs).

The filling systems feature a slave lid which is lowered automatically by two pneumatic cylinders to engage with an IBC inlet. Between this slave lid and an upper flange there is a clear flexible connection chute and an earthing strap. This slave lid features an inflatable seal that expands outwards to seal the lid tightly in the IBC inlet, preventing dust escape while filling. The filling unit is supplied with a simple control panel.

The lid of the filling equipment includes a vent, preventing over-pressurising the system and minimizing the risk of damaging flexible connections and loss of containment. A breathable filter sock or open for connection to a house dust extraction system can be supplied with this vent, depending on the application.

If the receiving IBC is being weighed the vent is left open and connected (with an air-break) to a house dust extraction system. Additionally, the linkages at the bottom of the pneumatic cylinders disengage from the lid itself, allowing it to sit freely on the IBC inlet. This imposes minimal interference to the weigh platform.

IBC filling units are manufactured in 316L stainless steel, with seals and covers manufactured from FDA accepted materials.

The following options are available with the filling units:

  • IBC filled sensor
  • Low profile design (top mounted cylinders)
  • Vibrator

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