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Hygienic Washing Systems and Cleaning in Place from Matcon IBC

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article image Matcon IBC equipment and washing systems are used in 'hygiene-critical' environments

Matcon IBC  equipment and washing systems are often employed in 'hygiene-critical' environments such as pharmaceutical and food industries.  

Matcon IBC supplies an extensive range of washing systems and ancillary equipment to complement their discharge valves, IBC discharge stations and filling systems.  

IBC equipment and washing systems are also designed to suit individual requirements.  

Key Design Factors:

  • Individual equipment items and complete process modules are designed, manufactured, installed and operated to GMP standards
  • Materials of construction and surface finishes meet FDA accepted standards
  • Surfaces are designed for optimum flow without retention of powders or liquids
  • Cracks, crevices or pockets are avoided, especially in the detailed design of gaskets and flexibles, which can so easily retain moisture and harbour microbiological growth
  • Easy access is enabled where systems are designed to be manually cleaned
  • Nozzle design and position provide effective dispersal of wash media in areas where automatic cleaning is required
  • Wash systems can include automatic, recipe-driven CIP (Cleaning in Place) support skids if required; alternatively they can be integrated into a central multifunctional CIP system

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