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GlaxoSmithKline South Africa uses IBCs to improve quality and efficiency

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GSK South Africa in Cape Town manufactures Albendazole Tablets, which have been remarkably successful in the treatment of LF (Lymphatic Filariasis or elephantiasis), one of the most disfiguring and disabling tropical disease.

The company’s solid dosage manufacturing process is batch based and uses Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) to move batches between process steps.

From past experience, GSK identified the roller compaction step as a critical "risk" area. In order to ensure content uniformity and avoid flake degradation in the compacted batch it is vital that the roller compactor in-feed receives material in a consistent, controller manner.

At this part of the process the materials are very light, cohesive and prone to bridging, thus making control of flow almost impossible for conventional (butterfly valve) IBCs. In-feed starvation and segregation are common problems.

GSK decided to use the Matcon Cone Valve IBC system as they had previously used this system for a similar process in France, in order to guarantee reliable, consistent feed of the blended batch to the roller compactor and ensure the highest quality and efficiency in their production. The Cone Valve system from Matcon IBC ensures the blended material is completely discharged from the IBCs, in a controlled manner, without the need for any operator assistance.

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