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Achieving High Containment Levels in IBC Systems with Matcon’s Solution

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article image Matcon IBC have systems to ensure high levels of containment when working with hazardous materials

Matcon IBC  specialises in providing total IBC solutions for a diverse range of industries and materials.  

Many process industries need to go beyond good housekeeping standards for cleanliness and operate to a defined 'operator exposure limit' due to the nature of their product, which may be potent or toxic in nature. Containment is the challenge to design and operate production systems, which meet or exceed these limits.  

A combination of the right equipment, good facility and process flow design, good operational procedure as well as good cleaning and maintenance procedures can help any industry achieve specified containment levels.  

Problems with Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)

  • Achieving high containment levels in IBC systems is a real challenge because of the need to connect and disconnect the bin before and after filling and emptying operations
  • Dealing with dust on surfaces that have been exposed once the product has been transferred and the IBC is disconnected
  • Preventing leakage during transfer of product
  • Methods of containment have to work in conjunction with other methods used to assist in transfer
  • IBC containment equipment needs to be durable and capable of repeated use in a real industrial environment without loss of performance
  • Systems need to be fully cleanable, either manually or automatically depending on the application
  • Breaking containment limits while dismantling or moving equipment for cleaning

The Matcon IBC solution:

  • Equipment, systems and operating procedures developed to provide very high levels of containment
  • Matcon IBC containment solutions have been independently tested, proven and adopted in several pharmaceutical and chemical industries
  • Matcon IBC filling and discharge systems have been further developed to provide precision interfaces with minimum contaminated surfaces
  • Strategic use of air washing and extraction before breaking the interface connection guarantees superior results  
  • Hygienic design allows for full CIP without disconnection
  • Full scale testing facilities at Matcon IBC allow customers to witness performance and quantify all the risk issues

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