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5000 series CNC Router system from MatCam

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5000 series CNC Router system has a new look for 2007. Now denoted as PF or Plate Frame model, for all standard size tables up to 3,7m, the frame is now made out of a solid steel plate 3/8" (9,5mm) thick.

Although slightly lower in total mass, engineering tests have shown improved rigidity. Sizes above 4.2m long will continue to be constructed from the old channel/ tube system.

Other substantial differences include:

  • Standard with Helical Rack drives with upgraded servo's and automatic lubrication, allowing for greater traverse and cut speeds as well as greater control on slew speeds and positional accuracy.
  • 12 place auto tool changer standard.
  • Expanded keypad commands and control.
  • Digital 12v and 5v controller power supply.
  • Robust - cast Aluminium spindle backplate.
  • Added wipers for X axis bearing protection from swarf.
  • New range of 100% duty cycle - 40 000RPM Air or water cooled spindles with new HSK32 toolholder system.
  • New design K controller boardset. Onboard cooling, sealed electronics and state of the art connections boosting the robustness of the brain of the system.
  • Standard safety pressure mat and optional safety beams.
  • Standard, effective silencer on vacuum pump exhaust.

Additional optional extra's now available:

  • Ram Z upgrade taking the Z travel stroke to maximum 36 inches clearance/ travel with no loss of robustness or capacity to cut.
  • Oscillating knife system able to cut to 25mm thick.
  • Mirror cutting upgrade, having two spindles , both with ATC and working independently on the same gantry.

These upgrades have ensured that the MatCam 5000 series is a fast, accurate and versatile CNC Router system.

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