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New PM tilt cart available from Pall Mall

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Pall Mall  has added a new PM tilt cart to its range of bins and carts.

To avoid the need to manually tilt the entire cart to empty, this cart has a pedal operated tilt release.

Lock the bake wheels, depress the pedal and the hinged cart can tilt forward with minimal effort, no matter how heavy the load.

Once empty it is just as simple to bring the bin back into its working position.

Using four nylon wheels, the back two lockable, the bin moves effortlessly and is ideal for moving bulk materials in just about any environment.

Narrow enough to pass through standard doorways, the PM tilt cart is good for collection of garbage bags in office buildings or shopping centres, to collect waste, carry spare parts in a production facility, collect laundry.

In short the PM tilt cart is ideal wherever a large capacity, easy to empty, cart is required.

Easy to clean and requiring minimal maintenance the PM Tilt Cart is available through distributors.

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