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Photo chemical machining services from Mastercut Technologies

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Mastercut Technologies  manufactures precision parts through its photo chemical machining process. The photo chemical machining process provides many advantages such as photographic accuracy on each part manufactured, fast delivery, heat free operations and blemish free machining. As a result, Mastercut Technologies offers to deliver machined products within a week of placing orders. Furthermore, photo chemical machining does not cause any stress on the metal being cut.

Mastercut Technologies also fabricates production parts using the photo chemical machining technique. Using the photo chemical machining technology allows complex designs to be realised at low tooling expenses. While there are no burrs caused on the surface of the material, the material harness remains intact without any change in its ductility or grain structure.

Mastercut Technologies also engineers gobo, which is either a vapour deposited metal or a thin stainless steel piece. Gobos available from Mastercut Technologies are targeted at the advertising, trade shows and entertainment lighting industries.

The photo chemical machining services of Mastercut Technologies are available for different kinds of industries such as computer, decorative goods, mechanical, medical, automotive, consumer electronics and aerospace. From 0.05mm to 1.2mm thickness, common materials like kovar, stainless steel, nickel silver, carbon steel, brass, alloy 42, phosphor bronze, magnetic alloys, copper and magnetic alloys are etched by Mastercut Technologies.

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