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WA needs to get serious about illegal electrical work, says Master Electricians

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Master Electricians Australia  has urged the Western Australian Government to take deterrent action against unlicensed and illegal electrical work to protect consumers.

Calling upon the Government to take unlicensed and illegal electrical work seriously, Master Electricians Australia says that more inspection resources should be directed into deterring unsafe DIY electrical work in WA homes.

Master Electricians Australia state manager Anthony Mancini said the WA Government should move immediately to protect consumers by:

  • Conducting a major media campaign highlighting electrical safety and the dangers of unlicensed electrical work
  • Increasing safety switch protection to all circuits
  • Requiring mandatory point-of-sale signage to use licensed electrical contractors for electrical installations and equipment
  • Mandating electrical safety inspections when homes change hands
  • Establishing an electrical safety hotline for unsafe and unlicensed work to be reported
Mr Mancini urged the State Government to channel their resources into further educating the WA public on the perils of illegal electrical work.

According to Mr Mancini, instead of investing time and resources in checking and double checking the work of licensed contractors who are submitting appropriate paperwork and abiding by electrical regulations, the Government should be alerting the public to the dangers of DIY or illegal electrical work and following up on reported instances.

Media campaigns highlighting electrical safety, continued education of the WA public about receiving a Safety Certificate for any electrical work undertaken in their homes as well as installation of safety switches on all circuits to prevent the risk of an electric shock are some of the measures suggested by Master Electricians Australia. Safety checks into unapproved imported fittings would also ensure electrical compliance and prevent fires and the risk of an electric shock.

MEA believes that growing public awareness will help reduce the risk of electrical safety incidents in WA.

Mr Mancini said the WA Government needed to consider the crucial need for a review and re-allocation of their current inspection resources, with attention currently being focussed more on new homes wired by licensed electrical contractors and existing installations where contractors had submitted notices for their work, instead of on high risk areas such as DIY electrical work where no notices are submitted.

Master Electricians Australia also suggests that an electrical safety hotline with a dedicated advertised number be established where illegal wiring or electrical work can be reported and immediate advice and necessary steps can be taken to prevent a serious electrical safety injury.

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