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Wall and suspended ceiling systems and floating floors offered by Mason Australasia

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Mason Australasia  is one of the premium suppliers of wall and suspended ceiling systems and floating floors. These are offered to improve STC and INR ratings. Floating walls and suspended ceilings supplied by Mason Australasia complete the isolation process. Additionally, Mason Australasia provides recommendations for the isolation of all range of equipment like air conditioning or any other industrial machinery. Mason Australasia has also designed ND mountings in 1958. This involves offering systems with metal parts covered in neoprene to prevent corrosion.

Furthermore, Mason Australasia has introduced a complete new variety of stainless steel braided vee connectors and vibration isolation systems. Welded and ductile spring designs are also offered by Mason Australasia, which include the type M special design model apt for bomb blast protection. Mason Australasia offer products with Architectural and HVAC Engineering Specifications. This is helpful in both seismic and non-seismic events.

To deal with seismic problems, Mason Australasia provides Z-1011 snubbers designed for immediate response to a specific earthquake curve. This series of products have been tested for stiffness and ultimate capacity. The Z-1225 series of snubbers supplied by Mason Australasia is a simpler design, which is used when only static testing is needed. The computer program used by Mason Australasia evaluates snubber and spring systems under any machine and takes action with the natural frequency.

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