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Stainless steel hoses, air springs and cable products from Mason Australasia

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Mason Australasia  offers gamut of cable braces. These are efficient means of keeping electrical conduits, suspended equipment, duct and piping work in place during bomb blast or earthquakes. All cable products provided by Mason Australasia are California OSHPD approved. These cable products are hinged to fiddle with installation angle and prevent the system from cable fraying. The rubber bearings supplied by Mason Australasia conform to Government codes and testing and has more than 50 years of life expectancy.

Spring mountings offered by Mason Australasia are partially pre-compressed and can be released automatically as building load is applied during the construction process. Mason Australasia has designed and manufactured natural rubber and neoprene bearing pads with steel spring assemblies in the 19 millimetres to 50 millimetres and frequencies as low as 6 Hz. These techniques are suitable to keep away ground noise and vibration for subways, railroads, heavy traffic or industrial impact.

Mason Australasia also has experience of isolating and other working with Federation Square. ADA pipe anchor and VSG guide is provided by Mason Australasia, which can be bolted or welded in any position. The conventional stainless steel hoses are further provided by Mason Australasia. Air springs offered by Mason Australasia provide no metallic continuity with low frequency isolation.

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