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Zero maintenance LED lighting saves energy

Switching to white LED lighting from conventional incandescent light bulbs, HID (high intensity discharge) or fluorescent lighting can bring improvements in the form of reduced maintenance and improved energy efficiency for many organisations. The LEDs also deliver more practical and business benefits. White LED lighting is available from Maser Communications .

Zero maintenance lighting with LEDs

For many organisations lighting maintenance can be an expensive matter for several reasons.

First of all, high ceilings and hard-to-access light fixtures mean that work can be disrupted while maintenance takes place, often involving external contractors. That means the maintenance schedule is planned to avoid unexpected disruption.

Then, there is the lifespan issue. Halogens last about 3,000 hours at most, some fluorescents will give up to 15,000 hours and high pressure sodium last up to 22,000 hours but they will all fail at some point. For that reason a lot of organisations plan their replacement schedule based on half the expected life of the light fitting.

The Solid state LED light fixtures can improve on these lifespan figures. Not only are the Solid state LED light fixtures are likely to last for 100,000 hours and even then they do not fail, they just fade to about 70%.

That means that for at least 5 years, so there is zero maintenance cost and zero business disruption. Another benefit is the reduced exposure risk for maintenance workers associated with traditional lamp and ballast replacement.

Multiple ways to save energy with LED

Organisations can also benefit from the Solid state LED light fixtures’ lower energy needs. The Solid state LED light fixtures at 90W can replace a 150W HID light, saving 40% on energy.

Being semiconductor-based, the Solid state LED light fixtures are built for switching off and on, unlike HID and fluorescent lights.
So more power is saved by avoiding the need for 24/7 lighting, being able to turn the LEDs off when there is no one. It makes the Solid state LED light fixtures suitable for integrating with energy saving controls and also substantially extends their lifespan.

An additional benefit is the Solid state LED light fixtures can operate in hazardous environment. These include, for example, areas that handle fuel, utility plants, paint shops, dusty environments or processing plants.

Dialight manufactures an LED luminaire called SafeSite specifically for such hazardous locations. As a solid state device with a robust housing manufactured to UL Class I Division 2 standards, the SafeSite is resistant to shock and vibration, making re-lamping costs obsolete in these demanding environments.

The SafeSite’s lower voltage means it is also safer to use in combustible atmospheres and produces less heat output for the air-conditioning to contend with. LEDs’ lower operating temperature even brings a further benefit for wet-wash environments where the impact of cold water would shatter a conventional light bulb.

Another great benefit of LEDs is when it is finally time to replace them, LEDs are safe and easy to recycle, as they contain no mercury or other hazardous materials.

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