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Security products for defence from Maser Technology Group

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Maser Technology Group  has developed a portfolio of security products suitable for defence.

Mobile tracking device

One of the new products available is a mobile tracking device. This device is the portable tool for GSM phone IMSI/IMEI catching solution as well as direction findering.

Unnoticed operation has been the design principle and this target is reached in all three dimensions: No disturbance to operator’s network, not detected by the mobile users caught or located and finally the operation of the unit itself is not easily seen.

Interception tool

Also available from Maser Technology Group is an internet interception tool. The surveillance module provides network operators a detailed, real-time view of all traffic flowing through their IP network.

This comprehensive view of the network allows you to accurately monitor the network load and conduct analysis of traffic patterns to ensure the high-quality user experience and optimal utilisation of bandwidth resources.

The module tracks all inbound and outbound connections, identified by local hosts (IP addresses) or application protocols (services). The module also identifies and tracks in real-time all service properties and connection details, allowing administrators to pinpoint bandwidth usage down to individual users or hosts, as well as what that bandwidth is being used for.

Emergency network

This next solution allows you to set up an emergency network in case of natural disaster or terrorist atrocities. First responders and emergency personnel are turning to standard cellular communications as a means for always available secure data and voice communications.

The unit available is a fully portable suitcase size solution, combining the new cellular and satellite technology, enabling wireless coverage for any emergency situation. First responders and emergency personnel will be back live on their existing mobile phones in minutes.

Connectivity to the core wireless network can be over multiple satellite alternatives, ensuring total flexibility. First responders and emergency personnel will finally have a totally reliable always available secure service.

No training requirements for users, the cost efficiencies of the patented architecture and the economies of scale of standard international wireless communications devices e.g. PDA’s Blackberry’s etc. are just some of the key advantages of this system over traditional one time emergency solutions.

Wireless database access

Secure wireless architecture designed for efficient communication between mobile and remote database. It is a customised application meant to access information remotely.

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