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SafeSite illumination fixture from Maser Communications

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Switching to LED lighting from conventional incandescent light bulbs, HID (high intensity discharge) or fluorescent lighting can bring safety benefits for the offshore world as well as reducing the need for maintenance while increasing energy efficiency.

LED-based illumination has been retro-fitted on a drilling rig of an oil and natural gas producer.

With its rugged solid state design Dialight’s SafeSite illumination fixture, available from Maser Communications , can deliver significant value for hazardous location customers whether in new installations or retro-fitted, offering energy saving and improved safety over other systems while delivering a greater amount of useful light.

The SafeSite illumination fixture offers the additional benefit that it requires no maintenance.

The SafeSite illumination fixture was selected for this particular test installation as it has been specially designed to operate in harsh environments like drilling rigs where vibration is the major cause of failure for traditional light sources such as metal halide and high pressure sodium.

As a solid-state device with a robust housing designed to UL Class I Division 2 standards, the SafeSite illumination fixture is impervious to shock and vibration, making expensive and highly hazardous re-lamping redundant not only for rigs but also for oil platforms, shipyards, refineries and other hazardous locations.

Safety for maintenance workers is a key issue in any oil and gas environment, so LEDs’ long lifespan reduces the exposure risk associated with traditional lamp and ballast replacement. Their low voltage and low operating temperatures also make them much safer for use in combustible atmospheres as well as in extreme temperatures or in wet-wash locations where conventional lamps would shatter under sudden temperature changes.

These T4 and T5 rated LEDs have the further attraction of ‘instant-on’ ability, unlike HID (high intensity discharge) lights which can take a while to warm up when switched on.

As ‘smart’ lights their ability to achieve full brightness in a fraction of a second makes them suitable as safety lights in low traffic areas where they can be left off or dimmed and triggered to come on by proximity switches when someone enters.

Being semiconductor-based, the SafeSite illumination fixture are built for frequent switching off and on, unlike HID and fluorescent lights, so there is no need for perpetual 24/7 lighting. This ability to turn the LEDs off when there is no one there or no need for artificial lighting makes them suitable for integrating with energy saving controls and also substantially extends their lifespan.

As safety lights, they have the added benefit of better colour rendition over sodium lights, which make everything look a muddy orange, so LEDs will deliver improved night vision and produce more useful CCTV footage for security purposes.

Another attraction of the SafeSite illumination fixture is that it utilises the latest LED technology with proprietary optics to focus the light directionally, so that it illuminates only the required area, avoiding light spill into adjacent areas as well as upward light pollution.

In addition to all these safety features which also make it energy efficient, the 90-watt SafeSite illumination fixture can replace traditional HID fixtures that require up to 150 watts for potential power savings of up to 40%.

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