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Maser Communications launch telecommunication solutions for Altobridge’s Local Community

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Maser Communications  have announced the launch of Altobridge’s Local Community Communications solutions. Access to digital communication has a direct and measurable impact on the economic growth of countries. Yet remote communities, typically at the source of the natural resources which fuel emerging markets in particular, still remain cut off from basic telecommunications. The barriers to entry have been a lack of economical transmission options and a specific requirement for local switching. The Altobridge team have analysed the specific requirements of these remote communities, particularly the technical and cost barriers that have prohibited a return on investment for operators.

Altobridge’s Local Community Communications service helps in bridging the digital divide to small remote subscriber groups.

The key challenges that the solution has addressed are:

  • The ability to switch calls locally without requiring an MSC or Soft Switch, this addresses:
  • Cost of double leg transmission
  • Prohibitive latency barriers (when satellite backhaul utilised)
  • The solution integrates seamlessly with the service provider’s existing infrastructure (it is equipment vendor independent)
  • High cost of backhaul from BTS to BSC/MSC – usually using satellite, microwave (cost of towers) or expensive E1 transmission links
  • Feature transparency; the remote subscriber receives the exact same service as the rest of the network
  • O&M transparency; critical to the wireless service provider
  • No charging or billing integration impacts

Case studies show savings of up to 90% in backhaul costs can be achieved if calls are switched locally.

The Local Community Communications solution is designed to strip the operational overhead costs for villages and towns. The solution is deployed between the BTS and the BSC and handles the switching of all local calls (Local Switching), including both calls within the cell and calls to/from PSTN (Local Interconnect). In addition, it optimises remaining backhaul traffic for efficient utilisation of the link.

Local Community Communications can be deployed with all backhaul technologies (satellite, E1 and microwave) and can be deployed in any GSM supplier’s network.

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