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Maser Communications (Australia) supply energy efficient Dialight LED lighting

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Switching to white LED lighting from conventional incandescent light bulbs, HID (high intensity discharge) or fluorescent lighting can reduce maintenance and improve energy efficiency.

LED lighting, available from Maser Communications (Australia) , have minimum to zero maintenance needs. Organisations can benefit from their lower energy needs. At Dialight, their LED luminaires at 90W can replace a 150W HID light, saving energy.

LED lighting are semiconductor-based and are built for switching off and on. One can save more power by avoiding the need for 24/7 lighting and turn the LEDs off when there’s no one there.

The LED lighting can be used in hazardous environment that include fuel, utility plants, paint shops, dusty environments or processing plants.

Dialight manufacture a LED luminaire called SafeSite specifically for such hazardous locations. As a solid state device with a robust housing manufactured to UL Class I Division 2 standards, the LED luminaire is impervious to shock and vibration, making re-lamping costs a thing of the past in these demanding environments.

The LED luminaire’s lower voltage provides safety in combustible atmospheres and produces less heat output for the air-conditioner. The lower operating temperature brings benefit for wet-wash environments where the impact of cold water would shatter a conventional light bulb.

Another benefit of LED lighting is when it’s finally time to replace them, they are safe and easy to recycle as they contain no mercury or other hazardous materials.

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