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Enterprise security systems provided by Maser Communications

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Maser Communications (Australia)  provide enterprise security systems designed by Procera Networks. These full-bodied security systems feature full Calea legal interception for IP networks as well as a range of other capabilities that allow an effective and easy operation.

Other features of Procera Networks enterprise security systems include:

  • Network traffic and service management system that monitors network traffic flows
  • Traffic shaping
  • Next generation deep packet inspection - deep flow inspection
  • Comprehensive view of network traffic patterns and usage
  • Hundreds of services available as signatures. 800 signatures (of which 200 are Asian signatures) are constantly updated
  • Optimum network traffic identification through PacketLogic and leveraging DRDL (datastream recognition definition language)
  • Hierarchical drill down capability for top level to granular details of each connection (users and services)
  • Scalable and flexible rule creation such as the ability to rapidly create filtering and shaping objects
  • Up to 20,000 rules can be created with no impact on performance
  • Lawful interception tool
Enterprise security systems from Maser Communications and designed by Procera Networks are fully featured and highly capable making them ideal network solutions.

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