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Energy-saving LED Street Lamps from Maser Communications

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Energy-saving LED street lamps, offered by Maser Communications , will be trailed in Auckland, New Zealand from next month. The trial will help in comparing energy efficiencies and relative costs with that of the traditional sodium vapour lamps. North Shore City Councils, transport infrastructure group manager, Phil Consedine stated that rapid increase in energy costs and sustainable initiatives were behind the efforts that helped in introducing street lights with efficiency.

Maser New Zealand have supplied their new range of LU Series products to the council. High power LED light sources are extremely efficient and returns a 50 to 80% saving over the conventional sodium and mercury lamps without emissions of harmful substance to the environment.

Operating for an average of 10 hours per day, LED street lamps have a life span of up to 13 years and 50,000 hours. LED street lamps from Maser Communications have unique colour indexes that provide bright and true colours during night. Highly focused LED street lamps come with an optical system that provides a regular rectangular beam pattern with uniform brightness, reducing dark patches and light loss between the light sources. The LED street lamp is an alternative to replace older sodium lamps that range from 50W – 400W. The LED street lamps are suited to a wide range of applications such as general area lighting, car parks, tennis courts, billboards & signage. LED street lamps can be mounted to poles and walls.

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