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Dialight’s LED Lighting available from Maser

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Over the past 3 years Maser has started to introduce commercial LED lighting to the Australia market with the introduction of Dialight.

David Sims has been the Project Manager for Dialight within Maser Technology and now he has recently joined Maser Communications as LED Solutions Specialist.

Dialight have been specialising in the manufacture of LEDs for over 35 years and is a huge manufacturer of LED lighting solutions to the mining, petro-chemical, manufacturing, power generation, aviation and broadcast industries.

Some of the key benefits of Dialight’s LED Lighting include:

  • An operational life of 100,000 hours on a 24 hour duty cycle
  • LEDs are more than 90% cheaper to run there is a real cost saving to the end user as well as reduced OH&S incidents and reduced maintenance cycles
  • With LEDs, you do away with the heating issues of old incandescent fixtures and the required cooling down period required before operation
  • You are able to switch the LED instantly on/ off as you like allowing the increased productivity of a production line or a warehouse amongst many other areas
  • All fixtures can be washed down, so LEDs are right at home in hazardous locations such as petro-chemical plants etc

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