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Dialight SafeSite illumination fixtures available from Maser Communications (Australia)

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Dialight have recently installed their SafeSite illumination fixtures to a petroleum refinery in the US, which allowed the hazardous location facility to improve its overall lighting, to reduce its energy consumption and to access additional business and operational benefits by replacing its traditional lighting with LED fixtures.

Following are some of the key benefits:

No more need for flash lights: Prior to installing LED lighting at this petroleum refinery, the quality and colour rendition of the high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting was inadequate, making employees to use flash lights at night, with a direct fixture above the equipment. Dialight LED fixtures are designed specifically for hazardous locations from oilfields and chemical processing to mining, flour mills and power stations. The rugged, solid state design SafeSite illumination fixtures delivered significant value in these locations, whether in new installations or retro-fitted. Designed to be virtually impervious to shock and vibration, SafeSite illumination fixtures eliminated expensive re-lamping costs.

Improved lighting: Light pollution is reduced with Dialight’s lighting fixtures, which utilise the latest LED technology with proprietary optics designed to focus light directionally so that they illuminate only the required area, such as straight walkways, avoiding adjacent and upward light spill. The efficient optics used in LED Hazloc products like SafeSite result in more light reaching the target area. They also resulted in lower wattage LED fixtures being required and a lower total number of fixtures being used in the complete installation, thus saving energy and installation costs.

Low cost of ownership: The combination of reduced energy consumption, a 50% cut in the number of lighting fixtures with over 50,000 operating hours and the resulting reduction in maintenance produces a low cost of ownership.

Following are additional benefits of Dialight LED fixtures:
Use of LEDs opens up access to many other benefits in hazardous location installations. One is their reliable performance in low operating temperatures. Dialight’s LED fixtures are rated down to -40°C and still provide 100% of the rated lumen output.

LEDs achieve 100% light output from the second they are switched on. This ‘instant-on’ ability can be significant in hazardous locations that use independent generators. These can be prone to blackout and brown outs, resulting in the need for additional emergency lights. By fitting LEDs to the central battery or standby power systems, expensive downtime and unnecessary exposure to danger can be avoided.

Instant-on ability also creates opportunities to save energy. LEDs can be coupled with occupancy sensors and either completely switched off or reduced to a lower illumination level when no one is present around the installation. This reduces energy and extends the operating life of the lighting system.

Maser Communications (Australia)  are exclusive distributors for Dialight.

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