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AT2500HM spectrum analysers from Maser Communications (Australia)

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Sunrise Telecom's AT2500HM rack-mounted spectrum analysers presented by Maser Communications (Australia)  provide real-time visibility and full control over RF network performances through a versatile and remote head-end design. AT2500HM spectrum analysers feature a 1.5GHz rack mount and are designed specifically for CATV applications.

Functions include basic spectrum analysis, automated tools for testing and preventative maintenance, real time remote control capability, QAM analysis and FCC proof of performance testing.

AT2500 spectrum analysers are typically installed in head-ends or hub sites and are compatible with Sunrise Telecom software making performance monitoring a practical and user-friendly undertaking, even for multiple locations.

Features of AT2000 spectrum analysers include:

  • 16, 64 and 256 QAM demodulation, MER capability up to 40dB
  • Fast 2 ms scanning of 500 data points on a selected span
  • Remote testing and monitoring for both analogue and digital downstream and upstream signals using realWORX, WinRemote II and WinCOM II software and automated operation
  • Remote control and automated operation simplified through easy networking capabilities
  • Support up to 16 x AT1601 / 1602 RF switches for a total of 256 prts.
  • Built-in automatic pre-selector filter increases the dynamic range
  • Downtime and incurred costs reduced through remote monitoring
  • Identifies RF signal impairments before they turn into customer complaints
These one-of-a-kind AT2000 spectrum analysers for cable applications provide a robust and reliable service for communication applications featuring capabilities and functions that combine efficiency, power and user-friendliness into a single product.

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