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Pollution and grates products offered by Mascot Engineering

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Mascot Engineering  is one of the market leaders in light weight GRC pollution control like grease arrestors or grease traps. Mascot Engineering offers cross flow interceptors, oil separator with pump and stand, Coalescing plate separator and more. Mascot Engineering also provides solid settlement tanks. Triple interceptors supplied by Mascot Engineering are used for staged treatment. The pollution products encompasses silt arrestors with gas seals, gravity feed in-ground oil separator, solid pollution trap with stainless steel basket, various size of dilution, cooling and averaging pits.

The pollution products provided by Mascot Engineering comprises of cross flow interceptors, grease Arrestors, solid settlement tanks, triple inceptors, silt arrestor with gas seal, oil separator, basket arrestor, dry arrestor, plaster trap and so on. Mascot Engineering manufactures different sizes of galvanized mild steel grates, cast iron, RTA and ELCOM standard cast iron frame and grate.

Trench grates offered by Mascot Engineering can either be transverse or longitudinal with or without frames. The sump, gully and trench grates variety from Mascot Engineering consists of cast iron sump grates, galvanized mild steel trench grates, Kerb entry gates, specially made galvanized grates, replacement cast iron grates, cast iron trench grate and frame.

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