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Manhole covers and drainage gratings provided by Mascot Engineering

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Mascot Engineering  was founded in 1920 as iron foundry offering manhole covers and drainage gratings. Mascot Engineering provides Glass Reinforced Concrete and related products like electrical pits, building facades and grease arrestors. These products are supplied to designers, engineers, architects, plumbers and drainers. Some of the other products extended by Mascot Engineering include sewer inspection pits, stormwater pits, electrical cable pits and more.

Additionally, Mascot Engineering provides silt arrestor with gas seals, basket arrestors, grease arrestors, cross-flow interceptors, triple interceptors, dry arrestors, solids settlement tanks and more. Mascot Engineering also manufactures many sizes of cast iron, ELCOM and R.T.A. cast iron frames and grates, galvanised mild steel grates and many more. All framed gratings supplied by Mascot Engineering can be fitted with holding down bolts for checking pit access or grate removal.

Cement board sheets, fibre board sheets and air tight cast iron covers are also offered by Mascot Engineering. Hold-down bolts offered by Mascot Engineering are high tensile steel Allen bolts. Some of the offerings from Mascot Engineering are footpath bollards, tree grates, custom made stainless steel frames and grates, cast iron grates and more. Mascot Engineering further offers installation tips for its products to the clients.

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