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Drainage and electrical products supplied by Mascot Engineering

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Mascot Engineering  manufactures glass fibre concrete light weight products that comprise of precast drainage pits and pollution products like oil separators, grease arrestors, general purpose pits and basket arrestors. Mascot Engineering also manufactures large range of cast iron, gully and sump grates as well as cast iron gastight manhole or access covers either in single, multipart or fire rated.

The pollution products offered by Mascot Engineering are approved, tested and used by Sydney Water, Water Corporation Public Works Department, ASSET services, Department of Housing, Hunter District Water Board, Queensland Local Government Committee, A.C.T. Electricity and Water. Mascot Engineering offers pits, grates, covers, landscaping and so on. Under the category of drainage and electrical products, Mascot Engineering offers GRS light weight concrete pits, traditional heavy weight concrete pits and plastic pits.

All pit varieties offered by Mascot Engineering come with drop in grates in galvanised steel or cast iron, in heavy duty for trucks or light duty for pedestrian and car use. Mascot Engineering can also supply pits with gas tight covers that are already cast into concrete surrounds and can be placed on top of the pits. Mascot Engineering offers drainage and electrical products such as glass fibre reinforced pits, sewer pits, electrical cable pits, plastic pits, discharge control pit, surcharge pit cover, Kerb lintel, step iron and so on.

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