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Squeeze Lever Safety Knife from Martor Australia

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Martor Australia , the safer cutting specialists, are pleased to announce the release of their latest safety knife, the Martego. The Martego safety knives are ergonomically designed, automatic blade retraction, squeeze knives with a revolutionary blade deployment system. By pressing the squeeze lever on the Martego safety knife the blade extends from the knife body ready for work.

The blade of the Martego moves in a circular path, this circular blade path means that the blade pushes against the material being cut making it now possible to cut soft material such as shrink wrap or plastic bags with a safety knife that has an automatic blade retraction system without the annoying problem of the blade retracting mid cut. The Martego safety knife has an automatic blade retraction system that safely retracts the blade back into the knife even if the user continues to hold the squeeze lever once they have completed the cut or more importantly if they perform any uncontrolled movement while performing the cut the blade will be retracted automatically.

The Martego body is made from light weight and durable aluminium with a grip made out of two plastic components, the soft plastic component provides a comfortable and non-slip handle for the user.

As has become customary with Martor safety knives the blade change procedure is easy to perform and requires no extra tools, to make the blade change procedure even safer the blade of the Martego is held in place by a small magnet to stop it from accidently falling out. For additional safety when the knife is not being used the squeeze lever on the Martego safety knife can be locked preventing the blade from being accidently extended.

The Martego can be used in a variety of industries to cut various items including:

• Cardboard
• Plastic box strapping
• Adhesive tape on cardboard boxes
• Plastic or paper bags and sacks
• Stretch wrap
• Shrink wrap
• Bubble wrap
• Paper and sheet material

The Martego is simple and safe to operate in many environments, its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and use by both right and left handed operators.

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