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article image The MEGASAFE 116001 safety knife.

MARTOR Australia has released a new safety cutter called MEGASAFE 116001.

This smart cutter represents the development of Martor’s intelligent OPTISAFE and MAXISAFE SAFETY cutter series, with the 0.63mm thick blade highly suitable for use with virtually any type of material.

The ergonomically styled heavy-duty cutter is made of aluminium and provides for perfectly controlled cutting operations.

The knife is suitable for use by right- and left-handers, even when wearing protective work gloves.

This cutter also features the time-tested MARTOR SAFETY technology – this involves the spring-loaded blade retracting the instant the blade edge contact is lost, even if and when the user holds on to the blade push.

The products features easy blade change - no extra tools are required - simply unlock the blade retaining plate by activating the red lock rocker.

The safety system on this cutter also responds if the blade is only partially extended. The maximum extension is 27mm.

The MEGASAFE 116001 also comes in Model No. 116003 with a 0.30mm thick blade, which is highly suitable for use with triple-walled corrugated board material and Model No. 116001, which incorporates a hook blade for work with textiles, yarns, tapes, carpeting material, plastic sheeting, strappings, etc.

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