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Safety knife MARTOR-Profi40 available from Martor Australia

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article image MARTOR-Profi40 safety knife

Martor Australia  has added a new safety knife, MARTOR-Profi40 to its Profi series of safety knives. The MARTOR-Profi40 has an aluminium body with a spring-loaded blade retract system.

This blade retract system is designed to respond to any uncontrolled move if and when the thumb-push slider is not in forward position. The slider can be let off when making the cut.

Blades can be changed without using any extra tools. The blade mount insert can be slid back to change the blade or blade can be rotated so that it is suitable for use by right or left handed operators.

The MARTOR-Profi40 has an extended blade length of up to 40mm and is ideal for bag slitting and light cutting work, e.g. paper web lengths in offset printing operations.

The MARTOR-Profi40 is an ideal alternative to conventional snap-off bladed cutters because its blades are both extra long and pliable with extreme stability.

In contrast to conventional safety cutters with snap-off blades, the MARTOR-Profi40 features a virtually unbreakable blade as well as an automatic blade retract system.

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