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Safety cardboard box cutter from Martor Australia

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article image MARTOR Glorex safety cardboard box cutter

The MARTOR Glorex, available from Martor Australia , is a safety Cardboard Box Cutter with a spring-loaded friction wheel that automatically controls the out/in motion of the cutting blade.

There are no buttons to push or triggers that need to be activated. The MARTOR Glorex is simple to use; when the cutter is placed in position, the pull-stroke movement is picked up by the friction wheel which, in turn, activates the blade.

When the cutting is finished the blade will automatically move back into the handle stored away safely. The MARTOR Glorex can be used by both righthanders and lefthanders.

The transparent polycarbonate handle allows the user to see the working of the spring-loaded safety mechanism. The cutting depth can be adjusted to 7 or 13mm to suit a specific cutting application.

In addition to being a safe knife, the MARTOR Glorex is installed with a number 45 ice-chill-hardened 2-edge/4-point blade.

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