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Martor Combi - a real safe safety knife from Martor Australia

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article image Martor Combi safety knife for safe cutting

The Martor Combi by Martor Australia is a very advanced safety knife. It is a cutter designed for safe and trouble-free work with thick plastic sheeting, leather, box strappings, box tape, pallet wrapping and even seat belts. It operates without an exposed blade, making this safety cutter a real safe safety knife. The Combi was the first knife on the market to come with an integrated blunt metal tip to slit cardboard box adhesive tape. This tip is not sharp and will not cut the user. The handle of this safety cutter is made of glass fiber, a reinforced polyamide, making it stronger and more durable than similar knives on the market today. It has a 0.40 mm German steel blade that allows the user to use all four corners. As with all Martor safety knives, the Combi is GS-tested for safety. The Martor Combi is available with a stainless steel blade install as well as with a fully metal detectable version, which is suitable for use in the food industry.


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