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Martor Australia’s Safety Knife Named Product of the Year

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article image Easysafe safety cutter

Martor Australia  have announced that the German Association of Plastic Manufacturers has chosen the Martor’s Easysafe safety cutter to be the product of the year 2009. The Easysafe safety cutter is a concealed blade style cutter that is safe to use.

The Easysafe safety cutter was created by the design team at Martor Germany, to be a versatile safety cutter suitable for many applications with an ergonomic body design made from durable materials. The Easysafe safety cutter has a patented cutting head design that maintains blade contact with the material at all times.

It has a piercing point that helps to insert the cutter into the material. This makes it useful for opening bags and sacks as well as cutting sheet material such as stretch and shrink wrap, or cutting plastic and nylon banding. Also incorporated in this award winning safety cutter is a ‘tape slitter’, this slitter cuts packaging tape without the need of an exposed blade.

The Easysafe safety cutter does not require any tools to change the blade. The Easysafe safety cutter is currently used in many industries including food manufacturing to open bags and sacks of raw materials, the flexible packaging industry to cut film and open bags, and warehouse receiving/ dispatch to open boxes, cut strapping and open pallets covered by stretch or shrink wrap. These are only a few examples of where the Easysafe safety cutter can be used, helping the user to eliminate the costly incidents of cuts and lacerations in the workplace.

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