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Martor Australia’s Safebox for safe disposal of used blades

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The Safebox available from Martor Australia is designed for safe deposition of used snap-off blade segments, blade ends, straight blades, hook blades, industrial cutter blades, deburring blades, scalpel blades and craft blades. These are made inaccessible to fingers.

Procedure: The used blade section (6, 9, or 18 mm snap-off blade) can be inserted into the slot; the inserted blade section can be snapped off in the usual way and dropped into the inaccessible collecting box.

Usage: The Safebox is designed to accept snap-off blade segments as well as straight, hook, industrial cutter, deburring, scalpel or hobby craft blades up to a length of 62mm.

Final disposal: To empty the contents, the outer case has to be folded back by 180˚. The transparent cover can now be opened and the contents can be emptied into the Used Blade Container.

This outer case serves an additional safety function to ensure that the contents of the inner collecting box are safely stored and the user is protected against cuts from, otherwise, escaping blades.

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