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Prepaid cards, external antennas and personal hands free from Marlec

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Marlec  is a satellite specialist company. Marlec offers Broadband Satellite systems VSAT, Inmarsat Mini-M, Inmarsat bgan, Inmarsat GAN, Inmarsat rbgan, Optus MobileSat, Iridium and Vocality Multiplexers. The various products sold by Marlec are available on rent ranging from a day to a year depending on the requirements of the clients. Marlec is also a licensed second-hand dealer for the sale and purchase of second hand satellite phones as required by NSW legislation.

Additionally, Marlec offers a range of equipment that is either ex rental, demonstration stock or traded in on new systems. Some of the other products provided by Marlec are USB to ISDN terminal adapters, routers, USB to serial adapters, bags, Quadrant GSM / CDMA Antennas, MicroMag Antennas for GSM and CDMA and even more. Marlec also supplies complete range of Pelican Cases.

Handheld satellite phones are also made available by Marlec with worldwide coverage. This includes Iridium 9505a Satellite Phone. This offered with several facilities like free messages to the phone from the web, carkits available, data kits available, prepaid cards available external antennas available, personal hands free available and more. Marlec further provides used Qualcomm GSP 1600 Globalstar Phones to the clients. Marlec also offers Optus MobileSat® Satellite Telephone-S2.

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