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Markem-Imaje outlines views on industry trends in identification technology solutions

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Greig Francis, National Sales and Marketing Manager, Markem-Imaje , explains the requirements of coding, marking and labelling equipment.

Manufacturers are currently looking for a coding and labelling solution that runs with minimal human interaction and training, while delivering a high standard of performance under various environmental conditions.

The common factors influencing a manufacturer’s buying decision are, simplicity of operation, robustness and reliability to ensure maximum uptime. These attributes are incorporated in Markem-Imaje’s identification technology solutions. The identification technologies are combined with a user friendly interface to optimise usability.

Manufacturers have also realised that they need to consider the total cost of ownership as opposed to the simple initial upfront cost.

Another noticeable emerging trend is that companies in general are becoming increasingly more environmentally aware, and more manufacturers are seeking environmentally-friendly consumables. This makes it important that comprehensive service and back-up are considered in the final analysis.

Markem-Imaje help FMCG manufacturers

Markem-Imaje have met the demands of the industry by focusing on usability, reliability and sustainability in their product range. The 2000 Series print and apply label applicator has won 2 world wide design awards for its modular design and simple operation. The I9000 range of inkjet printers is identifiable by their very friendly interface and no-fuss, no-waste and no-error cartridge system.

Markem-Imaje we supply environmentally-friendly consumables. They also have a force of service personnel in all states and covering regional areas, combined with ongoing internal training of their technicians from their France Head Office ensuring latest skills and knowledge transfer.

Features of Markem-Imaje Coding and Labeling products

Coding and Marking is the core business of Markem-Image and ensure a high level understanding of global trends and an ability to lead the market in release of new technologies.

The future of coding and labelling equipment

The prevalence of barcode labeling is being driven by dominant retail forces such as Coles and Woolworths and their infrastructures and direct requirements. Laser technology is also growing in popularity with some inkjet applications actually being replaced with lasers.

To evolve constantly with the emerging technological requirements, Markem-Imaje have released their proactive suite of 7000 Series lasers with a particular focus on the food and beverage sector. The 7031 S is popular in both global and local markets for its ability to provide a precise, crisp laser code onto PET and other plastics without the risk of perforation.

Markem-Imaje will continue to invest in R&D to ensure that they are at the forefront of technology. There is particular focus on new technologies such as RFID, laser as well as the control centre software applications that enable networking of labelling and coding technologies so as to streamline the information process, saving the customer both time and money.

Coding advice for FMCG manufacturers

Consider the solution as an initial investment rather than a cheap upfront cost. Manufacturers should seek the total cost of ownership, and recognise that these technologies not only enable compliance with external forces, but also open an opportunity for manufacturers to streamline and improve on their current procedures and as such save them substantial amounts of money.

Additionally, manufacturers should look for a company that manufactures and services what they sell to ensure complete commitment and support of the technology.

Finally, the company that provides the identification technology must be one that invests heavily in R&D to ensure cutting edge technology and future-ready equipment to maximise the customer’s initial investment.

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