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Markem-Imaje 4020 I/O box automate 4020 printer case coding processes

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A new option to the compact 4020 coder gives users the fast and precise connectivity they need to integrate and automate their case coding processes.

The 4020 I/O box, available from Markem-Imaje , offers simple protocol-free connection to a dedicated port on the controller, providing a number of additional input and output options. These deliver enhanced levels of functionality to the printer, such as the ability to correctly mark randomly-presented packages.

When products are fed from converging conveyor lines, it is essential that the right code is printed on the right case. Sensors, positioned at the end of each feeder line, notify the printer of an approaching package through the 4020 I/O box, and the relevant message is selected and printed.

In some applications, the height of the package identifies its contents and destination. Here again, a series of sensors linked to the 4020 I/O box activates the right combination of printheads to deliver the correct print.

Other applications determine the direction of packs on bi-directional conveyors, and the orientation of oncoming packages. In both cases, the 4020 I/O box notifies the 4020 printer, and the appropriate print parameters are set up and the goods correctly marked.

Installing and programming the 4020 I/O box is quick and easy by using a simple menu in the intuitive controller. This provides an inexpensive upgrade path for existing users looking for greater connectivity from their coding process.

The 4020 I/O box offers new levels of user-friendliness and performance to large character inkjet printing. The flexibility of the 4020 I/O box has been proven in a wide range of applications, controlling up to four printheads and offering an adjustable print height of 8 to 64mm. Multiple lines of text can be simultaneously printed onto the top, base and sides of a shipping case or carton.

The clear backlit controller display, fast and simple message selection, and intuitive navigation through local language menus make the 4020 I/O box easy to operate. The high-speed connectivity simplifies integration into all manufacturing and packing lines. Now, with the extra connectivity afforded by the optional 4020 I/O box, the scope of the 4020 has been extended to provide trouble-free end-of-line coding automation.

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