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Markem-Image warn against methanol in fluids

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Markem-Imaje  have been embarking on an initiative to replace methanol by IPA (Propan-2-ol) in their consumables used in coding. Removing methanol ensures safety for all workers and others who are exposed to it.

Markem-Imaje is in the process of making all their fluids like inks and solvents, methanol-free. Some fast moving fluids have already been made Methanol free and the rest will be done by September 2008.

The presence of methanol, poses a risk in the demanding FMCG industry as it is highly flammable and any leaks of gas or spills of liquid can readily form flammable mixtures at temperatures at or above the flash point. This is one workplace risk that no food manufacturer would readily accept as it can result in dire and costly consequences.

Methanol use has long been known to cause various harmful side effects including: irritation to eyes, skin dryness or cracking, drowsiness and dizziness which are extremely dangerous in any production-line environment. Not only is methanol harmful to workers exposed to this toxic chemical but if not disposed of properly, methanol is harmful to aquatic organisms and may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.

Considering the environmental impact of methanol and the risks it poses to both workplace safety and the food environment, Markem-Imaje have taken the initiative to say no to this potentially lethal product.

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