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Identification technology solutions for beverage industry from Markem-Image

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Markem-Imaje  have supplied beverage manufacturers with tailored solutions such as the 2000 Series print and apply label applicator. The 2000 Series print and apply label applicator provides a fast, fuss-free print and apply solution that runs with minimal human interaction and training, while delivering high performance under various environmental conditions.

The primary criteria for the beverage manufacturing industry, while acquiring new technology, are simplicity of operation, robustness and reliability to ensure maximum uptime.

These attributes are incorporated in Markem-Imaje’s identification technology solutions, especially in case of the 2000 Series and the CIJ 9000 Series.

The 2000 Series combines revolutionary technologies with a user-friendly interface to optimise usability. This approach has won Markem-Imaje’s 2000 Series two worldwide design awards for its modular design and simple operation. The I9000 range of inkjet printers is identifiable by their friendly interface and no-fuss, no-waste and no-error cartridge system.

The consumables service life corresponding to the 2000 Series is synchronised to minimise interruption to the customer’s workflow. The 2000 Series is flexible and allows the rest of the production line can be designed without being limited by the positioning of labels onto the packaging.

The 2000 Series is available with tamp, wipe and blow applicators, with the ability to place labels onto the front, side, or on two adjacent sides of a case or pallet.

The 2000 Series works with high precision and securely handle packaging, including fragile goods and pallets.

The compact design of the 2000 Series makes it easy to fit into tight spaces and the systems operate as either stand-alone applications or as part of a network.

With a print speed of up to 300mm per second, the 2000 Series offers a complete print and apply solution suitable for demanding bulk handling conditions. Being proactive and future-ready by nature, the design of 2000 Series is able to adapt to the use of RFID labels for even faster handling and traceability.

The total cost of ownership is the main factor that determines the overall value and success of labelling and coding solutions. This is a change in the buying criteria as the FMCG industry has come to realise that they need to consider the total cost of ownership as opposed to the simple initial upfront cost.

Markem-Imaje has met the demands of the industry by placing particular focus on usability, reliability and sustainability in our product range.

Markem-Imaje focuses on new technologies such as RFID, laser and the Markem-Imaje Control Centre software applications that enable networking of labelling and coding technologies to streamline the information process, saving the customer both time and money.

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