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Capilano Honey choose Markem-Imaje non-contact inkjet printers

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According to Markem-Imaje , any incidence of corruption in the product can be disastrous for not only consumers but the regions’ food industry, especially if a rapid recall is not possible.

Recent worldwide outbreaks in food contamination have highlighted the need for food manufacturers to have traceability and quality control systems in the food supply chain.

Traceability has become a primary concern for food manufacturers. There is an array of product identification solutions available from Markem-Imaje Australia.

Markem-Imaje product identification solutions are designed to print crisp, clean codes on a variety of products, from snack foods to dairy, fresh food to frozen, and single-serve to food service packs.

Markem-Imaje solutions comply with HACCP and ANZFA food preparation and packaging standards, enforcing product traceability for consumer protection.

A large portion of the main food manufacturers in Australia have implemented Markem-Imaje technology. Recently, a global confectionary company installed a production line with Markem-Imaje third generation lasers. This was done to provide a consumable-free, cost-effective solution.

Capilano Honey currently exports retail honey to 32 countries including Canada, the Middle East, United Kingdom and Europe with both the Capilano brand and various private label honeys. On a single shift, Capilano Honey can package up to 50,000 units per day on the high speed line and up to 36,000 units per day on the specialty line.

According to Capilano Honey, they chose Markem-Imaje non-contact inkjet printers as they are clean, involve little maintenance and are easily transferable between production lines. With the fully automated and tracked system, Capilano Honey were able use the production code on a single pack to track the honey right back to the batch produced by an individual beekeeper.

Markem-Imaje have expanded their product range to include Markem products such as the Smatdate5, the thermal transfer coder in the FMCG industry. Markem-Imaje offer a range of environmentally-conscious product identification hardware, software and consumable solutions.

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