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7000 series lasers available from Markem-Imaje

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Markem-Imaje  have introduced the 7000 series lasers, which do not require any external cooling or refrigeration and can work continuously at temperatures up to 35 degree Celsius. The lasers in this series are energy efficient and feature low cost of operation, and can mark 1000 characters per second.

Markem-Imaje’s vector light technology incorporated in the 7000 series lasers enables scribing with smoothness, at 300m/s. The marking is made by a pulsed beam that is controlled by high-speed galvo mirrors, thus enabling the laser to scribe onto the substrate.

With recent developments, a laser's application is expanding past the usual realm of industrial manufacturing and has made its way to the soft drink and confectionary aisle in the supermarkets.

FMCGs require specific information to be marked on produce, such as batch number, production date and time. While CIJ technology has been the primary method of coding and marking, the 7000 series lasers are suitable for coding and marking.

This shift in preference can be attributed to the high speed and ease with which the 7000 series lasers can be operated, as well as the permanence of the mark, making it suitable for industries that are subject to counterfeiting, such as cosmetics, pharmaceutical and spirits.

The 7000 series lasers are fully network-ready. Using advanced networking software, plant supervisors can programme numerous machines from a central location and even input information such as weight and dimensions from other parts of the production line.

In addition to ensuring high quality, flexible scribing at high speeds, the 7000 series lasers enable communication with the network, ensuring maximum uptime.

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