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Emergency pipe maintenance bandages

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article image Rapp-it pipe repair bandage.

RAPP-IT pipe repair bandages, available from Marine & Industrial Marketing , perform effectively in emergency situations greatly reducing downtime and production loss.

Rapp-it pipe repair bandage is a quick action emergency pipe repair system that is simple to use with no mixing or measuring required.

Rapp-it is a roll of fibreglass bandage impregnated with a water-activated polyurethane resin. The bandage is applied by immersing it in water for 10 seconds, then wrapping it around the damaged pipe area. A successful repair can be achieved in 30 minutes.

Rapp-it bandages are available in four convenient sizes and can withstand heat up to 150° C, pressure up to 150 psi, and most diluted chemicals and fuels.

Rapp-it pipe repair bandages are approved for use with potable water.

Each bandage comes with a 50mm stick of steel putty, which can be pushed into holes or cracks before applying the bandage, resulting in an even more secure repair.

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