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Peedseal Pump Covers from Marine Energy Systems

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article image Peedseal Pump Covers from Marine Energy Systems

Marine Energy Systems  introduce the Peedseal Pump Covers.

Replacement of cooling pump impellers can be a harrowing task, particularly when access is limited. Even with good access, it can often take too long for safety due to the use of tools, multiple fixing screws and sealant on the covers. 

The Peedseal Pump covers allow a much quicker change of cooling pump impellers. Besides, a number of tests have proven routine improvements of two to three times’ the normal life and an extended impeller life for both generators and main engine pumps. Drive shaft bearings and seals have also shown to last longer and pump life and performance is increased thanks to the usage of the Peedseal Pump Covers.  

Normally impellers rub against a static brass cover plate with sea water as lubricant, hence resulting in a rapid failure when running dry. With the Peedseal Pump Covers, when the bearing discs become worn, they are simply replaced at a low cost without the need to replace the cover plates altogether.

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