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Injection moulded plastics offered by Mardon Manufacturing

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Mardon Manufacturing  established in 1964 and is located in Sydney, Australia. Mardon Manufacturing is one of the leading manufacturers and providers of injection moulded plastics for Australia and overseas markets. Mardon Manufacturing offers complete range of fittings and finished products for a number of industries.

Additionally, Mardon Manufacturing has huge custom moulding base. This helps Mardon Manufacturing to assist clients more effectively and efficiently. Some of the special products offered by Mardon Manufacturing include Nylon Hinges, Flag/Sister Clip, Esky Handle, Bung Plugs, Swivel Clip, Catches, Flag Toggle, Well Drains, Snap Hook, Key Board, Key Safes and more. Nylon hinges with a stainless steel pin supplied by Mardon Manufacturing is moulded from superior quality, UV stabilized nylon 6. This is offered with a 316 grade stainless steel pin.

Nylon is used by Mardon Manufacturing to supply range of products because of its several features. Some of them are durability, resistance to corrosion and it never needs lubrication. Also, it is non conductive and food grade approved. The products made out of nylon are apt for cupboards, storage lids, hatches, underwater tread boards, hanging doors, dog kennels, chook pens, food bins, cooler lids and more.

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