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Marc Fraser Design as professional industrial designer and design consultant

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Marc Fraser Design  is one of the leading professional industrial designers and design consultants in Australia. Marc Fraser Design offer new product concepts, ideas, features and technical advancements to the clients. Marc Fraser Design helps in translating the requirements of clients’ customers into detailed technical specifications, product design concepts and prototypes. All these assistance are tailored in accordance with the needs of clients’ business, management, engineering, marketing and manufacturing teams.

Additionally, Marc Fraser Design help clients in their projects by providing innovative brainstorm workshops, concept development and illustrations, ergonomic and human factor reviews, product research and design evaluations, prototype development and manufacturing, 3D Computer Aided Design, project management and local and off shore production procurement and manufacturing.

Furthermore, Marc Fraser Design addresses to the marketing concern of the clients and assures them that their corporate image is maintained. Design is one of the important focus areas for Marc Fraser Design. This enables clients to replicate their product design consistently and reliably. The design contributions of Marc Fraser Design have been recognized in several patents, Australian Design Awards, design registrations, Design Institute of Australia, Powerhouse Museum and more.

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