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KUKA introduces new heavy duty industrial robot

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With the KUKA titan, the development team at KUKA Roboter took up the challenge of combining power, speed, reach and precision into a single high-tech, high-performance machine. With this unique development, the culmination of over a year of research, programming and testing, one of the leading manufacturers of industrial robots has reacted quickly to customers’ wishes for a new robot model suitable for lifting large, heavy or bulky components.

The KUKA titan will, therefore, find its place in such sectors as the building materials, automotive or foundry industries. For example, it is capable of moving whole car bodies entirely unaided.

The KUKA titan is strong and robust, without compromising on precision or accuracy. At full stretch, it reaches a height of over four meters. Next to this giant, its predecessor the KR 500, a powerful lifter in its own right, appears almost small and delicate. The robot has a work envelope of 78 cubic meters.

A total of nine motors are installed, which together deliver the power of a mid-sized car. Furthermore, the KUKA titan can withstand a static torque of 60,000 newton meters (Nm). This is all the more remarkable if you consider that a powerful car has a maximum drive torque of only 600 Nm (just one percent of the power of the titan).

KUKA look and feel

For all the new features, KUKA Roboter has remained true to its principles with regard to the look and feel of the robot, offering all the regular advantages of the KUKA family, from the wrist right down to the control concept. From its modular construction to programming and intuitive control, the KR 1000 has all the standard features.

With its user-friendly design, the titan has a good weight-to-payload ratio of less than 5. The KR 1000 can thus be transported in a standard container and can be installed in any industrial production shop.

The new KUKA titan robot and other KUKA Roboter products are distributed in Australia through Marand Precision Engineering.

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