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KUKA Roboter launches KR 5 sixxs robot, KR 5 scara and KR 10 scara robot series

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KUKA Roboter is rounding out its extensive product portfolio with a new six-axis small industrial robot series and four-axis scara robots. KUKA ranks among the world’s leading suppliers of industrial robots as the all-round supplier, offering the right robot model for every automation solution, all with the usual KUKA quality. The KUKA Roboter product portfolio now covers the entire spectrum, ranging from high payloads and special models right down to the small robotics segment.
And here is the new line-up: the KR 5 sixx is, as its name implies, a six-axis robot with all the advantages offered by its colleagues in the high-payload categories. The KR 5 sixx is compact, flexible, notably quick and agile, and is offered with two different reaches: 650 mm and 850 mm.
For pick and place tasks, KUKA is bringing two robot series onto the market: the KR 5 scara and the KR 10 scara. The new four-axis models from KUKA are likewise available with different reaches and leadscrew travels.
The KR 5 scara has a reach of 350 or 550 mm. The KR 10 scara is equipped with a reach of 600 or 850 mm. All the new KUKA team members are also available in splash-proof versions and are thus ideal helpers in the food industry. Their colleagues for the cleanroom will not be long in coming either.
New but familiar
With this comprehensive product portfolio, KUKA Roboter offers more than just solutions for assembly work, pick and place tasks or packing different products. Their robots can be used in all those places, where a lot has to be done in a limited space. Great performance in a small space is also true of the control system of the new team members.
The entire KUKA control competence fits into a compact 19" housing. The KUKA control competence is equipped with all the familiar standard interfaces, and of course all the KUKA software options can be used. The new robots are operated using the proven KUKA Control Panel (KCP), which is detachable. So even with the small robots, it is the same KUKA look, KUKA feel, and KUKA quality.   
The new KUKA sixx and scara robots, and other KUKA Roboter products are distributed in Australia through Marand Precision Engineering. 

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