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Revenue from services arm of Maplesoft Engineering Solutions exceeds $10 million

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article image The Maplesoft Engineering Solutions team has extensive experience in model-based design

Maplesoft has announced that revenue from the consulting services business of the Maplesoft Engineering Solutions offering has exceeded $10 million.

Offering a combination of software tools and consulting services designed to help engineers reduce risk and get to market faster, Maplesoft Engineering Solutions leverage the expertise of Maplesoft’s engineers and tools for modelling, simulation and analysis, resulting in a significant rise in revenues from services and customised solutions.

Maplesoft Engineering Solutions enable engineers around the world to develop better products and meet their project requirements quickly and effectively. Tools and services from Maplesoft Engineering Solutions help engineers validate and optimise product designs, produce extremely fast simulation code, and develop specialised analysis and design calculation tools.

The Maplesoft Engineering Solutions team has expertise in a variety of engineering fields and extensive experience in model-based design. Engineers can leverage the unique benefits of MapleSim and Maple, two advanced engineering design tools from Maplesoft, to reduce development risk, create better products, and get to market faster. MapleSim and Maple are also available for engineers to use directly in their own development projects.

MapleSim is an advanced system-level modelling and simulation tool from Maplesoft that applies modern techniques to dramatically reduce model development time, provide greater insight into system behaviour, and produce fast, high-fidelity simulations. MapleSim is based on Maple, the technical computing software for engineers, mathematicians, and scientists.

Maplesoft Engineering Solutions are used by customers in a variety of domains such as electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, ground transportation, space systems, batteries, mining, and manufacturing. Projects where these solutions have been applied include a robotic arm for drilling in mines, a motion platform for driving simulators, a torsional vibration analysis tool for marine drivelines, batteries for hybrid-electric vehicles, and dialysis machines.

High performance plant models for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) applications

Generating high-fidelity plant models from many system design tools typically results in code that is not fast enough for real-time, HIL execution, forcing engineers to trade-off between model fidelity and performance. Maplesoft Engineering Solutions have helped many clients achieve real-time implementation of their models.

Stability analysis of complex machines

Engineers involved in complex machine design may find it difficult to predict its overall dynamic stability during operation, with problems detected very late in the design process where they are very expensive to correct. With Maplesoft Engineering Solutions, Maplesoft’s clients gain much greater insight into the dynamic behaviour of their system designs very early in the process, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in late-stage design changes or in-field fixes.

Motion control of multibody mechanisms

Developing machines with multiple connected links is a very challenging process with highly specialised tools and knowledge required to determine the correct configuration to achieve the desired end motion. Maplesoft products and services help clients achieve leading-edge solutions to their motion control for multibody mechanism design problems.

Vibration analysis and attenuation

Customised solutions need to be developed for the vibration analysis of complex machines. Using MapleSim and Maple, the Maplesoft Engineering Solutions team has worked with many clients to develop models and tools for vibration analysis and attenuation system design.

Battery thermal behaviour

Maplesoft has worked with many clients on developing physics-based predictive models of battery cells that can be implemented within a multidomain system model of their products. Such models can be used to get a better understanding of the heat flow in the battery, a critical factor that could cause the battery to dangerously overheat; designs can then be adjusted to avoid these conditions.

Laurent Bernardin, Executive Vice President, Maplesoft comments that companies face difficult challenges when it comes to engineering design including reconciling conflicting requirements, aggressive timelines, inadequate tools, and lack of resources to get the job done. Maplesoft Engineering Solutions can assist companies with one or more phases of the project, developing a complete turnkey solution, or supplying modern software tools that allow engineers to meet their design challenges directly. 

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