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Manugistics Software Optimises Manufacturing Supply Chains

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article image Manugistics supply chain management solutions are ideal for manufacturers with 50+ employees

Supply chain solutions offered by JDA Software, Inc., enable Australian manufacturers, distributors and retailers to optimise their end-to-end supply chains all the way from raw materials to the store shelf.  

The innovative supply chain solution suites offered by JDA Software leverage the powerful heritage and knowledge capital of acquired market leaders such as i2 Technologies, Manugistics, E3, Intactix and Arthur.  

The solutions are designed to connect manufacturers and distributors with retailers so that consumer demand signals can be sensed at the store level.  

This connection allows manufacturing and distribution companies to gain early insight into replenishment requirements, ensure shelf presence to maximise sales, reduce network inventory and provide manufacturing with advanced notice of production requirements and changes.  

These supply chain management solutions are ideal for manufacturers with 50+ employees and designed to integrate seamlessly with SAP or other leading enterprise applications to suit the requirements of companies dependent on a legacy system.  

Stephen McNulty, Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific, JDA Software says that manufacturers in the logistics environment had very little choice in software prior to JDA’s introduction of Manugistics to Australia.  

According to Mr. McNulty, their solution powered by Manugistics is designed to integrate seamlessly with SAP software to ensure applicability right across the manufacturing spectrum.  

The emergence of Manugistics on the Australian manufacturing logistics scene means that even the mid-market companies can take a massive step forward and away from the relatively simple ERP platform being used now.  

He adds that the ROI is extremely clear and quantifiable in only three months, proving how supply chain improvements can help reduce inventories and increase sales.  

The scalability of JDA supply chain solutions makes them perfectly suited to mid-sized companies, which are prominent in Australian manufacturing.  

Mr. McNulty comments that JDA solutions impact a wide range of business areas from point-of-sale forecasting and promotions planning all the way through replenishment, and from transportation management to optimised, constrained and sequenced production planning.  

Key advantages of JDA supply chain solutions: 

  • Platform-neutral solutions designed to operate with any number of ERP systems to deliver a streamlined and optimised operation
  • Dramatically improves performance and visibility at all stages of the manufacturing process and across the extended supply chain from raw materials to the point store shelf
  • Features all the planning, analysis and optimisation capabilities required to solve the complex supply chain challenges encountered by Australian manufacturers

JDA solutions are designed not to replace ERP systems, but to co-exist and integrate with those systems to enable companies to gain more from their existing ERP investment through an overall view of supply and demand.   

Manugistics Australia specialises in supply chain software solutions.

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