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ManuSoft helps local businesses maximise profit

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IN today's competitive business world the key to profitable survival is cost control. A local software company is helping spearhead this 'change' revolution in the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing Software Pty Ltd’s Australian-developed Dynamic Resource Control (DRC) software system is enjoying success in assisting local manufacturing businesses to rethink and streamline their process lines, identify their areas of weakness and in turn maximise their profits.

Designed to operate in a Window environment, the modular software system uses real-time business information to generate up-to-the-minute reports and feedback to management on production scheduling, job costing, variance reporting, quality control, reject analysis and inventory management.

The ManuSoft system covers the complete range of manufacturing activities and gives management absolute certainty about where a business is making and losing money. According to its manufacturer it is also a valuable tool in assessing how suppliers are performing or their potential to perform to mutual benefit.

ManuSoft Director Chris Clark said the ManuSoft system could be used by any manufacturing organisation, from small or large jobbing shops to repetition manufacturing, to order or make to stock.

"Any manufacturing company that needs to quote a product competitively and control the manufacture of a product profitably, with due regard to product quality and customer service can benefit by using the ManuSoft System," he said.

And the ManuSoft results speak volumes.

"Within our established client base typical results show paybacks on investment in ManuSoft of 3-6 months through reduced costs in some or all of the above,” Mr Clark said.

"Shop-floor productivity gains of 20-30% are achieved through reducing downtime and material shortages and improved efficiency and quality from using the ManuSoft system.”

ManuSoft clients can also take advantage of the ManuSoft training and consultancy package to help embrace the culture of change management and make the system work best for them.

ManuSoft DRC is currently available throughout Australasia and also in the European manufacturing markets.

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