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LEADING software company Manufacturing Software (Aust) Pty Ltd has released the latest version of its ManuSoft system into the Australian manufacturing environment.

Designed to operate in a Windows environment, ManuSoft Dynamic Resource Control (DRC) is a leading edge technology product, which uses touch screens, bar code and swipe card devices to gather information directly from the employees in the manufacturing area.

Key features of ManuSoft v6.4 include an option for serial lot tracking for manufacturers, giving them the ability of full traceability of components used in their manufacturing process.

ManuSoft now also has an option for multi-divisional business operations on the one manufacturing software system.

ManuSoft Director Chris Clark said it was a simple fact of life that manufacturing control problems don't just go away, they usually get worse unless corrected.

"The beauty of ManuSoft is that it is a 'real time' system, which provides dynamic information feedback to management on production scheduling, job costing, variance reporting, quality control, reject analysis and inventory management, through to a fully Integrated Financial Module that is also in 'real time',” he said.

"The ManuSoft system has been successfully implemented throughout Australasia and also in Europe. It has helped manufacturers get control of manufacturing costs."

In fact ManuSoft is versatile enough to be configured to suit almost any manufacturing situation including a 'job shop' environment.

"In this version 6.4 other new features include a provision of alternative bills-of-material and alternative routings on parts, together with new import and export facilities," Chris Clark said.

ManuSoft Version 6.4 is currently available throughout Australasia and in the Europe.

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