Manufacturing Learning Australia

Manufacturing Learning Australia is a non-profit company providing services to manufacturers and advice to the NSW government. We focus on workforce development and skills needs in the chemicals, hydrocarbons, plastics, rubber, laboratory, manufactured mineral products and lean manufacturing areas.


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27/02/09 - According to Manufacturing Learning Australia, enterprises are investing in green improvements, or planning to improve their sustainability. With the imminent introduction of carbon trading or similar
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25/02/09 - According to Manufacturing Learning Australia, the adoption of Kaizen for culture change works to create a ‘6th sense’ to ensure that all staff move from a culture of ‘doing what we have always done’
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17/10/08 - Manufacturing Learning Australia offer on site implementation of Lean manufacturing solutions tailored to the business goals of an organisation. Lean Manufacturing is a systematic process for the elimination of waste throughout the organisation. The
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28/02/08 - Manufacturing Learning Australia has established Dubbo Lean Network to further support the implementation of competitive manufacturing in regional NSW.
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