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Gunze, available through Manuco Electronics , offers a broad selection of standard 4, 5, and 8-wire analog resistive touch panels that are designed to fit the most popular LCDs that range in sizes from 5.7" to 19". When coupled to their extensive selection of touch panel controllers and cabling kits, rapid integration into existing products is made possible.

Product overview:

Film-Glass Analog Resistive Touch Panels:
These touch panels are the most popular touch panels used in portable information terminals around the world. Gunze's film-glass touch panels are known for their excellent light transmission and quality. Having a highly durable, anti-glare hard coated top sheet material gives our film-glass touch panels superior performance for both stylus or finger inputs. 

Low-Reflectivity Touch Panels:
These panels are designed to minimize the effects of external lighting. Gunze's low-reflectivity touch panels employ circular polarizers that help to minimize the effects of any lighting conditions thus making them ideal solutions for outdoor applications. 

High-Transmissive Touch Panels:
Are especially good for mobile units using STN LCDs or where power consumption is critical. Gunze's newly developed method for multi-layer sputtering helps to maximize the touch panels transparency and is offered in a wide range standard and custom configurations. 

High-Transmissive HD Polycarbonate Touch Panels:

These touch panels are designed to be ruggedized. Gunze's line of HD polycarbonate touch panels have an added polycarbonate overlay for increased durability and are designed to operate over a wide temperature range. They can be configured  to almost any application for displays of 6.7" and smaller. 

Film-Film-Glass (chemically strengthened) Touch Panels:

The chemically strengthened touch panels are constructed using two layers of ITO coated film that are bonded to a chemically strengthened glass substrate. This construction offers higher impact resistance over standard film-glass touch panels. For touch panel sizes of 6.7" or less, a polycarbonate substrate can be used for improved impact resistance and reduced weight.  

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