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The right power source for backlit LCDs

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MANUCO Electronics , representing ERG, is offering the industry's widest range of dc-ac inverters for powering backlit flat panel displays.

The inverters support all major manufacturers of CCFL- and EL- backlit LCDs, and offer a broad array of standard and custom solutions.

For anyone with a backlit information display, ERG has the inverter to match it offering optimal brightness, long lamp life, and dependable performance.

Manuco distributes CCFL inverters, offering a wide range of open frame inverters off-the-shelf, from the single-lamp 8m inverter and its many variations (including the popular 8mF, which can power up to 6 lamps) to "Plug & Play" solutions like the P44W and P44WD (with encapsulated transformer) for wide operating temperatures.

And ERG offers the unique vacuum encapsulated CCFL inverter for high-reliability applications in an array of types and sizes, from the popular single-lamp E200II to the 10-lamp R Series.

ERG also has EL Inverters, with their Smart Force family of power supplies providing a wide range of solutions for electroluminescent (EL) backlit displays.

ERG carries one of the most extensive product lines of dc-ac inverters for backlit LCDs in the industry, so inverters sourced from Manuco will match your display, spec for spec.

ERG can also provide extra features, from Input Wire Harnesses for the 8m Class inverters to on-board PWM dimming for maximum flexibility and ease of integration.

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